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With more than 30 years of experience, is a China Brake Master Cylinders Manufacturers and Brake Master Cylinders factory. CHENKAI has provided the worldwide customers with advanced, high-performance and reliable brake and clutch products. The company is located at Cixi, Zhejiang, the heart of Yangtze river delta economic zone, 150km south to Shanghai. It has more than 150 workers, an experienced R&D team of 30 people and a factory that equipped with advanced dedicated machines, all only for quality assurance, production standardisation and efficiency CHENKAl obtains several certifications, including ISO/TS16949 and IS014001, and is rewarded a number of quality and performance awards from government.

The Principle of "Quality First"

High quality is our pursuit. We believed the strict quality control and the trusted relationship with customers and partners are the safeguards of the company's prosperity in the long-term.

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There is no limit to what is possible, at least when it comes to our products. Based on the customer requirements, we develop our products from the initial concept to products that are ready for series production. CHENKAl has all the necessary skills to do this, supported by efficient project management systems, comprehensive development tools and testing equipment.

CHENKAl sincerely appreciates your ongoing guidance and support.

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Brake Master Cylinders Industry knowledge

The Crucial Role of Brake Master Cylinders: Maintaining Safety on the Roads

Brake master cylinders play a crucial role in maintaining safety on the roads by ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of a vehicle's braking system. As an essential component of the hydraulic brake system, the master cylinder converts the driver's foot pressure on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure, which activates the brakes and slows down or stops the vehicle. Understanding the function and importance of the brake master cylinder is essential for any driver or vehicle owner.
    Hydraulic Braking System:
    Most modern vehicles use hydraulic braking systems, which rely on the transmission of fluid pressure to apply force to the brakes. The brake master cylinder is the heart of this system, responsible for generating the hydraulic pressure needed to engage the brakes.
    Converting Mechanical Force to Hydraulic Pressure:
    When a driver presses the brake pedal, it exerts a mechanical force on the master cylinder's piston. This action creates hydraulic pressure in the brake fluid, which then travels through the brake lines to the wheels.
    Brake Fluid Distribution:
    The hydraulic pressure generated in the master cylinder is evenly distributed to all four wheels of the vehicle. This uniform distribution is vital for consistent braking performance on all wheels, ensuring the vehicle stops in a balanced and controlled manner.
    Dual-Circuit Master Cylinders:
    Many modern vehicles are equipped with dual-circuit master cylinders for added safety. Dual circuits consist of two separate hydraulic circuits that supply different sets of wheels. If one circuit fails, the other can still provide partial braking capability, allowing the driver to retain some control and stop the vehicle safely.
    Monitoring Brake Fluid Levels:
    The brake master cylinder also houses the brake fluid reservoir. Drivers should regularly check the brake fluid level to ensure there are no leaks in the system. Low brake fluid levels can lead to brake failure, compromising the vehicle's ability to stop effectively.
    Regular Maintenance:
    Proper maintenance of the brake master cylinder and the entire braking system is crucial for road safety. Brake fluid should be periodically flushed and replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended intervals. Additionally, any signs of brake fluid leaks or changes in brake pedal feel should be promptly addressed by a qualified mechanic.
    Importance of Responsiveness and Reliability:
    The responsiveness and reliability of the brake master cylinder directly impact a vehicle's braking performance. In emergency situations or sudden stops, drivers must be able to trust that their brakes will engage quickly and effectively. Regular inspections and timely replacement of worn or malfunctioning master cylinders are vital to avoid potential brake failure.
In conclusion, brake master cylinders are a critical safety component in vehicles, converting the driver's foot pressure into hydraulic pressure to engage the brakes effectively. Regular maintenance and inspection of the master cylinder and the entire braking system are essential to ensure road safety and prevent potential accidents caused by brake failure. Drivers should never ignore any signs of braking issues and must have their vehicles checked by a qualified mechanic to maintain the safety and reliability of their braking system.

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